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Your Food Innovation & Development Partner





We thrive on innovative ideas that are driven by consumer insight and market trends.

360ยบ Solution

Conceptualization Product & Packaging Development Identifying Manufacturing Facilities  Technical & Quality Assurance Commercialization Managing Inventory & Delivery

Core Competencies

New Product Development / Inhouse team of chefs
Rich Manufacturing Experience
Customization of Product and Process
Flexibility to Adapt
Technical Expertise

Product Development Centre

  • F2P is your SE Asian food development and innovation partner
  • Strategic development arm of some major FMCG companies
  • Expertise in developing products with value differentiation and line extensions with cost effectiveness from Asia
  • Robust Supply Chain Management Services

Retail, Food Service, Convenience & QSR

  • Exporters of frozen ready meals into the Nordic, EU & Asia Pacific region
  • Presence in 10,000 retail stores
  • Attractive own brands and private labeling for key retailers
  • Expertise encompasses frozen and ambient categories

Travel and Hospitality

  • Concept creators & solution providers for the travel sector
  • Offering multiple cuisines and special meal options keeping in mind diverse international travelers
  • Providing innovative & sustainable packaging solutions
  • Interactive partnerships to ensure clarity and flexibility through all processes

Product Range

Inspired by new innovative ideas in flavour formulations as well as packaging requirements of different sectors, our product offering is customized to meet the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle of end consumers and addressing the needs of our clients in terms of packaging, handling and storage

Ambient Range
Frozen Range

Ambient Range

Innovative products focusing on new ideas & concepts generated through GAP analysis in the market, gathering consumer insight and capitalizing on future trends.

  • To Go Noodle bowls
  • Ready to Cook Meal Kits Focusing on Asian Flavours
  • Flavoured Jasmine & Other Varieties of Rice
  • Flavor Infused Lentil Mix
  • Ambient Sauces & Soups in Tetra Packs
  • Ambient Ready to Eat Combo Meals
  • **Ability to customize flavors and packaging as per customer’s requirements

Frozen Range

Frozen category forms the core of our business with a diverse range of products capitalizing on market trends across multiple cuisines, focusing on achieving differentiation through innovation for our clients across retail, travel & HORECA sectors.

  • Frozen Ready Meals Specializing in Asian Infused Flavors with Different Protein Options
  • Frozen Handheld Snacks with Savory and Sweet fillings
  • On The Go Meals for Convenience
  • Specialty Artisan Bread Sandwiches
  • Frozen Wraps
  • Solutions for QSR
  • **Ability to customize flavors and packaging as per customer’s requirements

Market Presence

European Union
Middle East


The Kitchen of the World

Thailand provides access to diverse ingredients and manufacturing technologies